RealHR offers business owners advice and support across all HR functions, and fosters partnerships based on trust, confidentiality and disclosure in order for our Consultants to provide the best advice and solutions.
Clients are advised that RealHR does not offer legal advice and that a qualified legal professional should be utilised for matters that may require legal defence. RealHR can offer referral if requested.

Programs & Consultancy Services

Real HR provides our Clients with 2 options for working together…

Partner Programs

The Partner programs offer the best value and allows the Real HR Consultant to become an integral extension of your Management team. Your HR Advisor will understand your business needs both present and future and will work alongside your Management team to ensure your HR systems, processes and procedures are fully implemented and compliant at the operational level. This provides you with the best chance of risk mitigation and allows you to get the most from having a HR system in place supporting your strategic business goals and people. A Partner program provides services across all functions of HR across all stages of the Employee lifecycle from recruitment through to termination. Simply call us to book an obligation free office service consultation where we will walk you through what value we can add in more depth. 

The Partner Program offers Clients:

  • Unlimited phone and email HR advice across all HR functions;
  • Updates to industry Awards, pay scales, and legislation changes;
  • Annual HR audit health checks to ensure your HR systems are implemented correctly and that there is consistency in implementation and documentation;
  • Real Estate specific policy manual review and or provision of.
  • Significant discounts off Employment common law contract drafting and Enterprise Agreements;
  • Tracking of all probation periods and minimum wage increases for your staff so you never miss an important date.
  • In house coaching and support for your delegated HR Co-ordinator/ Office Manager and Managing Principals to set up HR systems;
  • Payroll advice.

As a Real HR Partner, payment is simple for our Partner programs with no hidden costs. You pay a set monthly fee via direct debit, so you know what your monthly investment into your Human Capital is each month.  

Workforce Assist – Pay as you go

Not ready to commit to a Partner Program? You can still access the wealth of knowledge and experience that the Real HR team have in understanding your Real Estate Businesses Human Capital compliance. Simply call us and we will point you in the right direction with any HR situation that arises in your business by offering you a pay as you go HR advisory and support service. This will be invoiced on a time basis or request a quote for one of our Workforce Assist adjunct services such as training or maybe you require a specific policy drafted, an employment contract drafted or would like to know your current HR compliance position and would like an audit.

No matter what your HR need is Real HR can assist you.


Employee and Industrial relations

Employee relations is a pivotal piece in the HR puzzle, and it interacts with all other HR functions. It deals with the contractual relationship between the employer and the employee, detailing the terms and conditions of employment, remuneration, entitlements and compliance to legislation, Acts and awards.  It is also the area that resolves internal grievances.  
RealHR consultants can assist you to implement best practice systems, structure and procedures by offering the following services:

  • Comprehensive HR business audit to check for compliance with best practice recommendations report provided
  • Advice on employment agreement options – individual contracts Vs Enterprise Agreements and the disadvantages and advantages to your business
  • Drafting of employment agreements for all employee categories
  • Advice on pay rates, allowances, penalty rates, commission and bonus structures
  • Advice on unfair Dismissal
  • Advice and or facilitation of terminations or redundancy.
  • Interpretation of all awards, Acts and legislation applicable to your industry
  • Advice on internal grievance resolution
  • Conciliation of internal grievance disputes – at all times it is best to try to settle these matters in house.
  • Induction services to all new employees to take them through their agreements explaining all the key clauses to ensure understanding. It is our experience that there are often less issues and grievances raised if employees are given a detailed induction of what their entitlements are and what your expectations of them are from the very first day.
  • Advice on HR administration – file management and systems, record keeping, payroll requirements
  • Advice on all National Employment Standards and employers obligations – annual leave, personal leave, compassionate leave, long service leave, and parental leave.

Employment contract drafting & Independent Contractors

Many Clients ask – Do I need an employment agreement for my employee? The Answer is YES. To mitigate risk and reduce the incidence of disputes and grievances, at the minimum, a written agreement detailing governing instruments, classification of role for minimum entitlements, remuneration and incentive calculation and inclusions, and termination notice periods should be agreed in writing. Best practice is to have the terms and conditions of the employment offer drafted and presented to the Employee prior to them commencing the role so to allow time for any questions or amendments. Then after the commencement of employment, employment contracts should be reviewed and updated as changes occur to the Employee’s position within your business e g change of role, classification, location, employment status e.g full -time to part-time or change from Sales Representative on an offset to a commission only arrangement.  It is a legal requirement to have a signed written agreement between you the Employer and the Commission Only sales representative. Do not take the risk!

RealHR are specialised in drafting Employment agreements for Commission only Sales Representatives, Sales Representatives on an offset arrangement, Sales Associates, Property Management Representatives including BDMs, Property Management Associates, and Real Estate clerical support staff. Ask us also about compliance with Independent Contractors and the required B2B Co-Agency contract.

Policy and procedures

Policies and procedures help pull all the other pieces of the HR puzzle together, by providing statements of principles and practices that provide clear instruction on how the organisations employer and employees, are to manage and administer the organisation across not just all the HR functions but the entire business. 

The need for effective policy and procedures has never been more evident than in today’s business environment. Workplaces are governed by legislation, regulations, and codes of practice, that place specific obligations on both employers and employees. For example recent changes in the last few years to Industrial Relations legislation and the move from a state based system to a Federally governed system, has resulted in the emergence of issues in the workplace around discrimination, workplace rights and unfair dismissal that should all be covered by effective policy and procedures in the workplace. All businesses should have best practice policy and procedures in place that address these key areas.   

Real HR can provide your business with a tailored Real Estate policy and procedure manual or we can draft a specific policy for your business upon request. For a detailed list of policies available simply contact Real HR through the contacts page.  

For an obligation free quote on manual costs or to obtain our comprehensive policy menu and pricing please contact RealHR via the contact page.

Risk Management & Work Place Health & Safety

Workplace health and safety is about minimising and managing the risk of not just physical injury to your employees, but also their psychological wellbeing and general health.
This is unfortunately an area that gets overlooked in small to medium sized business; however the employer obligations are the same as those managing larger organisations – safety must come first.

In order for workplace health strategy to work effectively, it needs to be embraced within the culture of the organisation. RealHR can assist you to identify where your business is currently sitting in relation to compliance with specific Acts and legislation and assess the current “ culture” towards safety.

We can then work with you in partnership to assist you to implement WH&S best practice strategies through development of a comprehensive WH&S risk management system comprising of policy and procedures, risk reporting and investigating and training of employees both annually and at induction, providing you with peace of mind that you have done all you can as an employer to meet your obligations for providing a safe work environment for your employees to work in.

Services offered:

  • Comprehensive WH &S audits to identify gaps
  • Drafting of policy and procedures to minimise risk in the areas of
    • Emergency management
    • Sexual harassment
    • Bullying and abuse in the workplace
    • Discrimination
    • Incident identification and reporting
  • Advice on managing WH&S incidents in the workplace
  • Employer and employee obligations
  • Annual training of all employees across all key WH&S policy and procedures including emergency training.

Advice can be given over the phone or via email via a membership or as a pay as you go account. For an obligation free quote on conducting a WH&S audit, drafting of policy documents, conciliation or training and induction services please make contact with one of our experienced Consultants via the contacts page

Talent Acquisition

Our Consultants can conduct job analysis to ensure your role summaries are accurate as this is what you will rely upon when you commence your talent search in finding the right person with the right skills, abilities, knowledge and experience for the role you need performed in your team. The role summary will be the foundation for your interviewing question development and ultimately the selection of the most suitable applicant. Real HR can assist with all or part of your talent acquisition processes.

Talent Management

Real HR will tailor the induction and onboarding program for your Real Estate business. During this process training and development needs are assessed and included in the induction framework. This is also the commencement of the new Employee’s career development plan with your organisation and Real HR can support you through this process as this will form the foundations of your ongoing performance management system and possible performance correction system in a time of need for each new Employee. This is critical for compliance when it comes to performance and termination disputes so links in with the function of Employee relations and Reward & Recognition.

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